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How I Help

How I Help

What I offer of Clients


Individual Counselling

I specialize in supporting and nurturing neurodivergent people. This can involve individual work, and work with parents and caregivers. I want to empower autistic young people, adults, parents, and late diagnosed – that are uniquely gifted – to embrace their uniquely giftedness. This is a great way to be able to connect with others and self on a much deeper level. Being different can be a lonely experience, one can often feel misunderstood, I have been there. I never want people to feel as lonely as I did – hence why I become a fully certified counsellor and psychotherapist.


Speaking Engagement

Neurodiversity is one of the hottest topics sweeping large corporations. I speak to businesses, healthcare providers, and parent groups to show that those who are autistic/adhd like me – can grow to live happy and successful lives. I know personal stories can be “quite heavy” but I CAN ASSURE you - it’s a lot of fun not only HILARIOUS GAGS, but takeaways that will help you develop a neurodiversity positive mindset.


Family Counselling

Sometimes, parents can find it difficult to accept when their child is different in any way. Another is that parents struggle with advocating for their child’s needs and want help navigating the education system. Don’t worry, it is not your fault. There are so many negative articles/information out there, that it is hard to see being different as a good thing. When a nurturing and positive attitude is installed at home – the kids and young adults build the confidence they need to live an independent and happy future. I see it time and time again.
Through my effective parenting program, I insist on working with parents first. The reason for this – when the home becomes a hive of positivity and acceptance, the young people can grow and flourish. Structure, consistency, routine, and togetherness are key!

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How We Can Get Started Together

I am here to help. I want to help you Ditch the overwhelm, find a safe space And achieve success.

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