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Recipes For Success

Recipes For Success

If I were to give you a tip for success – it would be engaging in an activity that you enjoy and find therapeutic. This can be literally ANYTHING that brings you joy. I am a huge believer in practising what I preach – and thought that I would share with you how I do this on a personal level.

One way I manage my own emotions, is by cooking. I love chocolate making, and often find myself unwinding in the kitchen. If I am to give you an extreme piece of value – Busy the hands, free the mind. use the kitchen as a place for bonding and togetherness. Families often eat together in the kitchen, and this could be the ideal place for you to unwind as an individual – or try it as an activity base for parents and young people to work on something together.

Shawn experienced all of the above, has been there, and walked the walk. Shawn can help you navigate through life by providing therapeutic support to ensure success.
When not changing lives and helping neurodivergent people and their support networks develop deeper bonds, Shawn loves chocolate making, collecting retro gaming machines and spending time with his wife and kids.


Chocolate truffles – 2 cups of finely chopped chocolate, once cup of heavy whipping cream, a tablespoon of salted butter, a pinch of sea salt and 1 and a half shots of your favourite liquor.

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