This is how I hustle

This is how I hustle!

Most Wednesday afternoons you can find me in the Hot Desk Room at The Ville Cooperative. I volunteer my time to help other entrepreneurs and startup companies with various aspects of their business. A few weeks ago I encouraged a group I was helping out to tap into their network for help. People in our networks genuinely want to help but without asking for help people assume you don’t want or need it. As soon as the words left my mouth I realized this was damn good advice. So good in fact, that I took some time to reflect on what I needed from my own network.




No budget, no problem

As an entrepreneur and startup company, I don’t have a budget for marketing. So, I’ve had to come up with innovative ways to promote myself. A couple of weeks ago I released my new, promotional animated short produced by Loogaroo Animation and Games. I didn’t have money to boost the post on Facebook so I tapped into my network and asked friends to share my post. By hustling and sending friends my video and asking them to share I watched the traffic on my website increase steadily.

I was able to reach 3,821 people on Facebook because I have 31 people who believe in me, people who wanted to share not because they had to because they wanted to. All I had to do was ask.

Naturally, my YouTube Channel also saw a significant increase in traffic. I am proud to say that as of this week I’ve had more than 500 views on the animated short!





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