Shawn Smith knows something about struggle. For a good part of his life, because his ADHD went undiagnosed, many people counted him out. But through resilience, empathy and courage, he recast himself as one of Canada’s leading experts on neurodiversity. Shawn inspires everyone he meets, including me, and I’m honoured to call him my friend.

Steve Rohr

A Communication expert, educator, public relations executive, and author.

Shawn is not only a genuine person. He communicates with pure, unadulterated honesty, for good or for worse. That is what you want from anyone standing on stage, leveraging the spotlight. Combining his transparency with 1st hand perspective and knowledge as a Neuro-diverse Entrepreneur, Shawn can scale many subjects from Neurodiversity, business basics, marketing, social media strategy and even family therapy. As a guest speaker for both The Trailblazing2016 & 2017 Conference, Shawn hit a nerve and lit a fire within the entire audience. We have collaborated with Shawn via The Picasso Einstein #JobCreators Movement as both a friend and trusted colleague. We recommend you welcome him to your stage, at your event. We do, & we will, each year!

Boaz & Minerva Santiago

Founders of Picasso Einstein, SelfEmploy.org and The #Trailblazing2017 Conference on Meaningful Employment.

Startup Canada was thrilled to present Shawn Smith with the Startup Canada Resilient Entrepreneur Award in 2017. He is an inspiration and role model for so many Canadians. Through his advocacy in the neurodiversity field, Shawn is both reshaping how individuals navigate the world around them, and how the world understands disability.

Victoria Lennox

Co-Founder and CEO, Startup Canada

Meeting Trailblazer Shawn Smith was such an exhilarating experience for me. The passion and genuineness he brings to the neurodiversity movement is so deeply inspiring. I found myself hanging on his every thoughtful word and his many deeply personal insights with a level of intensity and interest that is quite unusual for me after all these years. He’s a very special guy who I’m sure will be in my life for many years to come.

Dr. Michael Alessandri

Executive Director, Centre for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD)

I want to extend a very warm THANK YOU to you as you have opened up a whole new audience to my networks – I increased Facebook followers 500% since posting your story. Inadvertently, you have also helped me, you have opened my activism to a new audience, you have opened my eyes to the details of ADHD, something I was not educated on. Shawn’s unrelenting optimism is inspiring and I enjoy watching him blaze a new trail for neurodiversity.

Rodger Hoefel

founder, Like-Minded Magazine

Interviewing Shawn Smith for DifferentBrains.com was like meeting a real life Rocky! His own neurodiverse journey is the inspirational story of moving positively through his own brain adversity, finally conquering school, playing big-time football, gaining graduate education, now helping so many others. “Don’t dis-my-ability” says it all for this champion, for all of us whose brains are a bit different. Shawn Smith walks the walk with those who he counsels.

Dr. Hackie Reitman

Founder, Different Brains

Shawn is the real deal. He has been able to use his own challenges and wins to authentically inspire others to embrace their own strengths and empower their aspirations. Shawn is a true social change maker.

Greg Hemmings

CEO and Chief Storytelling, Hemmings House