Startup Canada Awards

Startup Canada Awards


I raised enough money through my GoFundMe profile to attend the Startup Canada Awards on October 19th, 2017 in Ottawa, Ontario. I was nominated for the National Startup Canada Resilient Entrepreneur Award. Awarded to an entrepreneur with a visible or non-visible disability who has impacted Canadian entrepreneurship through exemplary activities and leadership of their companies.

Thank you to everyone who generously donated money, I hope it was worth the investment. I am extremely fortunate to have such amazing people around me who believe in who I am and what I offer the world.


And, the winner is…

Shawn Smith of Don’t dis-my-ability consultation services Inc.!


This has been my proudest moment yet. I remember leaving my last job and telling one of the managers at the disability-related non-profit I worked for that I was starting my own advocacy business and he scoffed at me.

He told me no one would ever take me seriously with a business name like Don’t dis-my-ability. That memory and several others have stuck with me and serve as motivation to keep pushing forward.




I am fortunate to have people who do believe in me. I am grateful that my mentor Janna Hare of Spark Leadership was able to join me. 






As well as my good friend Johnston Haynes, owner of By-The-Sea Picture Framing who made the trek with me. Johnston was also my personal photographer for the event which I am extremely grateful for.

Johnston was also my personal photographer for the event which I am extremely grateful for.







Networking is one of my assets. When I am going to attend a conference I reach out and connect with people on social media. My reason for doing this is twofold. Firstly, I have social anxiety and when I connect with people on social media I have a better chance of recognizing them when I arrive. This means there are less strange faces in the crowd which helps to decrease my social anxiety.

Secondly, I get to connect with some really cool people. Like Andy Nulman, the co-founder of the  Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.






Steve Rohr

Special thanks to Steve Rohr for helping me with my speech. Steve is one of those special people who continuously invests his time in me because he believes in me.

Steve was gracious enough to help me with my acceptance speech and words of encouragement along the way.






I also appreciate the media coverage I received. Click the pictures to read the articles.


Huddle Today











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