Persistence Pays Off Through Sponsorships!

Persistence Pays Off Through Sponsorships!


Last week I found out that I wasn’t one of the fifty entrepreneurs chosen by StartupEast for the East Coast Caravan to attend Startupfest in Montreal and gave up on going. That was, until I received an email informing me that my application for a demo booth

was chosen. Hundreds of businesses applied but only a select few were chosen.


With nothing to lose I decided to create a Facebook post asking for sponsors so that I could make the trek. Within moments of creating the post I received a message from someone who works in communications for Startufest encouraging me to email one of the organizers to see if they would sponsor me.


Again, within minutes I received a response and it turned out the organizer I contacted, was actually the founder of Startupfest Philippe Telio! And just like that Startupfest became my first sponsor! Soon after Elaine Shannon, the Empress of Inspiration and huge supporter of mine reached out and graciously donated to my cause.


The next sponsor to pitch in was Patti Hollenberg, owner of Chess Piece Patisserie and Café. Chess Piece is one of my favourite hot spots. Check out their website to see Patti’s amazing culinary creations!


Planet Hatch
Ignite Fredericton

Still canvasing for sponsors I was surprised and elated to hear from Lisa Kinney of Planet Hatch who informed me that PH, Ignite Fredericton and StartupEast were all going to sponsor me!





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