I am excited to introduce a new celebrity brand ambassador!

I am excited to introduce a new celebrity brand ambassador!


Eileen Grubba

I would like to introduce you to Eileen Grubba cialis generique – my latest brand ambassador. Eileen is an Actor, you may recognize her from her roles on Son’s of Anarchy, Criminal Minds, Monk, Bones just to name a few.

Eileen started following me on Twitter a few months ago and now she rocks my brand!

Click here to check out Eileen’s bio: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0344190/





My friend, Gene Fowler of Loogaroo Animation and Games once said:

Rock what you do and people will find you!

This quote stuck with me and I am living proof that Gene is right. Frustrated with the lack of local support I had to find innovative ways to reach a broader audience. In the last year, my profile has started to turn heads and garner positive attention internationally.

I always try to think of low risk, maximum reward longshots. Why not? With little to lose and so much to gain, I have been able to achieve the unimaginable. I rock what I do and as a result, people find me.


Rocking what I do has paid off in so many ways, one of them is hosting the #JobCreatorsRadio Show, fuelled by my friends at Picasso Einstein and hosted by yours truly!

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Steve Rohr


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Stephen Shore


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Amy Cosper


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