Keynotes and Workshops

Keynotes and Workshops

For Educators

I appreciate how hard educators work and how little resources are available in our current public education system. I can help, I have unique insight into what is happening or not with your students because I was that student. My expertise transcends beyond Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder into all aspects of Neurodiversity.

Academic Resource Centres; I would love to come share my experiences with various disability related groups and share my story with you.


  • Neurodiversity
  • Challenging Perceptions; Changing Perspectives
  • What is Inclusion?
  • Strength Based Approaches in the Classroom

Educators, please contact me to about speaking for your class or school!

For Employers

If you are interested in becoming an inclusive employer and would like information please contact me. This is a free service available to all employers in New Brunswick at no cost to the employer.

Are you struggling to motivate your team? Let me help you turn this around. What motivates your team is as varied as the people you hire. I can help you discover the personal motivation of each employee and how to use this to increase productivity and and build a strong, cohesive workforce for your business or organization.


  • How Neurodiversity adds value to your business
  • Breaking down disability myths
  • Invisible disabilities
  • Innovation in the workplace
  • Assessing for Accommodations
  • Diversity

Employers, please contact me to schedule an appointment.

For Parents

I truly believe people with ADHD, LD’s as well as Cognitive and Intellectual disabilities are often uniquely gifted. If you are interested in learning unique, innovative ways to communicate with your child I can help you.


  • Neurodiversity for Parents
  • Positive Parenting for Children
  • Successful Strategies
  • How to Be an Effective Advocate
  • Accessing Effective Resources for your child

Parents, please contact me to learn more about your child’s thought process and how to communicate effectively with them.

“Don’t dis-my-ability; I may not learn in a conventional manner but this does not mean I cannot learn, only that you have not been able to reach me”. ©