Invest in yourself and others will too!

Invest in yourself and others will too!


Today was an important day for Don’t dis-my-ability. I drove 5 hours each way to do a live 5 minute interview on CTV Morning Live which is broadcast on the East Coast of Canada. I’ve been interviewed on podcasts, featured in online magazines and local talk shows but this was my first live interview of this magnitude.


Click here to watch the interview!


I could have done the interview from a satellite station but it was important for me to be there in person. I invested in myself and, you should too because if you don’t no one else will. And, when you invest in yourself others feed off your passion and genuinely want to help you succeed.



Steve Rohr

When I confirmed the date for my interview the first thing I did was forward the email to my friend Steve Rohr, Publicist for the Oscars – no big deal right? Within minutes Steve wrote me back and offered to help me prepare for the interview, if I was interested of course. This was a no brainer for me, I was thrilled Steve offered and I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to get help from pro of his caliber.




Scared Speechless

Check out Steve’s recent book “Scared Speechless”! I rarely read books because they don’t do a good job of holding my attention. This one did, I got cialis pas cher frustrated having to put it down and also bought the audio book. I highly recommend this book to anyone regardless of what stage of the game you are in. Click here to buy it on Amazon!





Investing in myself paid off in more ways than one. I got to chat with my buddy Steve who generously invested his time in me, I gained some serious exposure and…as soon as the camera was off they invited me to come back!

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