Fresh off my national Startup Canada Award

Fresh off my national Startup Canada Award


Fresh off my national Startup Canada Award, November turned out to be one of my busiest months. Two speaking engagements and a handful of interview requests kept me busier than usual. December won’t let up and I wouldn’t have it any other way.




Last week Aurelion Productions stepped up to help with my new online parenting platform. Video is an extremely important component of my project and Joshua Hambrook and Andrew Kelly are amazing to work with.



The new parenting platform will allow people around the world to have access to the insight I share with the families I work with locally. The Ville Cooperative, the place Don’t dis-my-ability calls home provided space for the shoot and continues to be a tremendous support.


My podcast is in the midst of a rebrand. The title of my new podcast is Don’t dis-my-ability Podcast with Shawn Smith. With everything I have going on, rebranding the podcast is a daunting yet exciting challenge.

I have a long list of guests waiting to be interviewed, first and foremost will be Boaz and Minerva Santiago of Picasso Einstein. Stay tuned!


The amount of love and support I have received is humbling. As a helper, helping others is instinctual but when it comes to receiving help – I’ve had to learn how.

3 years ago I walked into Moore’s clothing store with less than a shoestring budget and met Jerry. He took the time to listen to my story and helped me out by making the clothing I needed for my first big speaking gig affordable.

I stopped in to see Jerry to thank him once again and to show him my trophy.



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