Family Counselling

Family Counselling

The bulk of my work has centred around Family Counselling. I use the analogy of the square peg (individual with an invisible disability) and the round hole (society) to explain the rationale behind my process for helping families.

We have turned, twisted and manipulated the square peg in every way imaginable and it still won’t fit through the hole. Rather than focusing on changing the peg, I focus on trying to expand the hole. It is the way in which we communicate or not, that creates issues within the family.

I act as a filter to help families see things through a different, more helpful lens. I primarily work with parents or grandparents of neurodiverse children.

It is rare that I work with the individual themselves. In these rare cases I would also work with the parents or grandparents separately.

“Don’t dis-my-ability; I may not learn in a conventional manner but this does not mean I cannot learn, only that you have not been able to reach me”. ©