Even my learning has style 

Being self-aware of how I learn best is one of my strongest assets. I am a visual learner, which means I process images quicker than words. Writing can be a painful process because it takes me backwards, not forwards. It is as though words describe a place I’ve been whereas, pictures show where I want to explore. I need to feel like I am progressing and if I don’t, then whatever I am doing takes much, much longer than it should.


Luckily I have a world class Animator to help me out! Here is Gene Fowler of Loogaroo Animation and Games helping me map out everything I do to progress in my business.

What I do can change from day to day, trying to capture this in words for a business plan or a proposal is extremely challenging for me to do. So, I use my network and find a friend for whom my challenge is their gift!


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