TEDxUNB Update

Unfortunately, I was not selected to speak at TEDxUNB. I am disappointed but not surprised. My live audition did not go as well as I planned and upon reflection, I understand why.

When it comes to speaking, I can’t write anything down, my focus shifts from hat I want to say to what I’ve written. For my live audition, I prepared slides. This was a mistake on my part because my focus was on using the slides rather than the message I wanted to convey.

Making it to the final live audition was a great experience, and I am appreciative to have made it that far. But I want to share this with you because it would be easy to promote everything positive that happens. I want to show people how vulnerability is a strength. I know that I rarely make the same mistake twice, so I want to make as many mistakes as possible.

My perspective is not the only one. To get improve, I need feedback. So, I wrote the TEDxUNB Organizer and asked for feedback and received it. I have a better understanding of how I can better prepare for my next TED Talk audition.

Next TED Talk? One of the perks of putting myself out there and being genuine is connecting with people that believe in who I am and value what I do. I won’t be speaking at TEDxUNB but I was asked to attend as a delegate and look forward to the event!

Although I wasn’t a good fit for TEDxUNB, the organizer strongly encouraged me to sign up for TEDxMoncton!


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2 thoughts on “TEDxUNB Update

  1. Man you keep pushing brother.. you have so much to share , thisnis not a fail, it’s a tuning of your tool so you can nail it when you get on the TED stage , which I know you will

    1. Thanks Greg!

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